Technician FAQs

Frequently asked questions from our Anagen technicians.

What about licensing and continuing education?

Currently, there isn't a licensing board for hair restoration technicians. It is, however, helpful to become a member of the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons). This membership will help you stay up to date with the current and future trends in the hair restoration arena.

When and how am I paid?

All technicians are paid on Wednesday of every week. If there is a holiday observed on Monday, payment will be released on Thursday.

Anagen technicians are paid for a daily work schedule. Compensation will vary based on experience and skill set.

Do I have to travel to be an Anagen technician? 

Although a traveling technician is desireable, you do not have to travel. Anagen sometimes will have local physicians or clinics in your area.

What happens when my travel assignment is completed?

Upon completion of an assignment, an Anagen technician will report that the job has been completed. They will also have the opportunity to express comments, if any, about their experience working at that particular clinic.

What is the average length of travel assignments?

The length of travel varies depending on the clinic or office your are assigned. Some assignment can last one day and others 5 days. You will have the option to accept or decline the # of days requested.

Will I receive vacation benefits?

As an independent contractor,  you are able to work as much or as little as you like without penalty. If you have a vacation or time off that you would like to take, feel free. Anagen would need, at least, a two weeks advanced notice to replace you in your absence.

What will my work day consist of?

A workday consist of whatever it takes to get the case or cases done. Don't worry, you will be paid for extra time after 9hrs. Also, you will get paid for extra cases.